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Jan. 25th, 2020

01; FEAR early-onset hairloss!


Neville's pretty much the only character I've played from a canon that a lot of people actually KNOW. And. This kind of scares me SO please, if I've made a mess somewhere or you aren't satisfied with what I've been doing over in LongbottomLand, please drop a comment here and straighten me out.

Anon on, IP Logging off.

Mar. 30th, 2011

event; goblin judges you

Eighth Seed; [Action]

[Good morning, Luceti.

For those amongst you who wear armor: Are you incapable of tempering your own equipment? Have you enlisted the help of the smithy for replacement weaponry when your things from home have worn out?

Under goblin law, these items have been rented fr an indeterminate period of time, granted from the blacksmith and due back when the appropriate amount of time has passed. Since Luceti lacks currency, it only follows that all rentals are well past due.

While darkness continues to shroud his approach, Neville will steal into house after house, snatching back Luceti-made items and returning them to the smithy in a heaping pile. He'll know what metals originated where - goblins always know.

Perhaps you've heard an intruder in your living room. Maybe you've discovered the pile of weapons and armor just outside the smithy. No matter what, there is a goblin in your midst trying to reconcile his instinct with his constant need to see Justice done.]

[OOC: Backdated to midnight-ish through dawn. Feel free to catch him in the midst of trying to liberate your goods or anytime during or after. Otherwise, hide your kids, hide your wife?]

Jan. 13th, 2011

05; I'm quite fond of green things.

Seventh Seed; [Action] (Forward-dated to later this morning)

[Good morning, Luceti! If you happen to be out around the center of town this morning, you might notice some new... growths decorating the square grouping of shops. Vines spill out from the cracks of the Flower Shop's door by the dozen, twirling and twisting into cursive lettering that begins climbing up the shop's wall and accidentally spills over to the storefront of the empty shop next door:


It's a bit brash, and probably a bit premature considering he hadn't really checked in with Hermione about beginning to advertise so soon after opening up membership or with the other shop regulars about creating the gaudy message, but it's easier to ask forgiveness than permission anyway.

Feel free to stop inside the shop today to inquire about the living, writhing advertisement. Or, if you're up early enough, you might spot Neville as he's producing the message with his wand out, focusing intently on guiding the long vines in a way that he hopes is legible and desperately hoping he doesn't mess it up.]

Dec. 3rd, 2010

30; shit just got real

Sixth Seed; [Action]

[Now, normally when people get back from a kidnapping, they take time to get themselves to the clinic. At the very least, they stop at home long enough to say "ow" to a roommate and pass out for a few days to sleep off the more personalized experimentation.

Neville's unconcerned with that for the moment, though. He's had worse injuries in his time, and it's not too difficult to get around with an eye swollen shut. Sure, his frame had grown rather thin again, almost as underfed as it had been when he'd first gotten to Luceti, but there were some people out there who would've rather enjoyed something like that. And the bleeding isn't entirely unbearable, just some aggravated scratches best left hidden under his robes anyway. It was nothing he couldn't either endure or treat later, when there was time to deal with lesser matters. At the moment, he's more concerned with making his way to the center of town and sliding into the flower shop. He'll do his best to be unobtrusive around whatever night owls are prowling around Luceti, though he'll probably be more easy to approach in the morning, once he's cleaned himself up a bit. Feel free to poke him whenever, though. Neville's not one to turn down company, welcome or not.]

Sep. 19th, 2010

05; I'm quite fond of green things.

Fifth Seed; [Voice]

Um. Hullo.

Since the weather's started to change, I find it necessary to ask about what's normally done to care for the plantlife here in colder seasons? I've noticed a handful of gardens around the village -- is there a spell to seal the temperature around them? I've been growing a few things that I'd rather not lose...

If not, then this place could probably use a greenhouse before the ground gets too cold to sustain anything.

And, um. I guess that's all. Thanks.

Aug. 16th, 2010

05; I'm quite fond of green things.

Fourth Seed; [Action]

[This morning isn't terribly different from any other morning near House 26. The lawn there is a little bit greener than the neighboring homes, and the multicolored plantlife is as healthy as ever, fed a steady diet of the best quality dung Neville can get his hands on. The gardener is even mostly the same, a boy of average height spending far too much time on his hands and knees in the mud getting filthy in the care of things that can't talk back. It's not even very strange to hear him chatting with the vines and petals surrounding him, though this particular morning he seems to be hissing at his garden rather than rambling on in English. For those who recognize it, the language is Parseltongue.]

...And I haven't found a single lead anywhere in this place. I think there just aren't any Horcruxes to be found here. I should talk to Harry or Luna about this, shouldn't I? ...No, you're probably right. It's supposed to be a secret. What's that? Your leaves are getting dry? Well don't worry, I'll fix that.

[Later in the afternoon, after he's had a shower at least, he'll venture into town, rifling pointedly through the rebuilt item shop for something very specific and emerging empty-handed. It's okay to miss him as he moves among the people in mid-town, though; he avoids eye contact like the plague. Still, he won't be unfriendly if approached. Feel free to gape at the lightningbolt scar just barely visible under his fringe. He's used to it.]

[OOC: AU Cheatsheat is here.]

May. 11th, 2010

03; Uh. Little help?

Third Seed; [Action]

[Good evening, Luceti. It's just past sunset, and neighbors around House 26 might have noticed Neville outdoors a bit later than usual, fussing with an overgrown potted ivy. A wave of a wand and a cheated mumbled incantation later, the plant has grown to twice its size. From there, it's a bit of a boring magic show while he works with ineffective spells, some of them providing mobility to the little vines; mostly, though, there's nothing. Fully engrossed in his work, he doesn't notice some of the vines loosely coiling around him until they begin contracting against his forearms. He yelps in surprise and sets to work stunning the wispy strands, which might have been easier if he'd work on mobilizing it before it was the size of a rather large cat.

Little help?]

Mar. 19th, 2010

05; I'm quite fond of green things.

Second Seed; [Action]

[If anyone's traveling in the vicinity of House 26, they might take notice of the little garden that's steadily been popping up outside over the past few weeks. Even if it's just another garden at first glance, today one of the residents is kneeling outside in the dirt attempting to change that. In the midst of a patch of what looks like mundane dasies, the round-faced, slightly dirty Neville is settled, brow furrowed in concentration, as he prods at the flowers with his newly-found wand. He's mumbling fiercely under his breath, presumably to the flowers themselves. Feel free to interrupt, Luceti. He won't bite.]

Feb. 10th, 2010

01; FEAR early-onset hairloss!

1st seed; [Action/Voice]

[Perhaps the journal picks up the sound of Neville's arrival as he is unceremoniously deposited on the icy southern lake sometime in the dead of night. If not that, then it might catch the dull groaning as he slowly wakes and struggles to pull himself upright. If not that, then certainly the furious squeak from sneakers lacking traction on slippery ice would catch the journal's attention, as would the dull thudding as Neville collides with some child's forgotten snowman on the westernmost bank. A sharp intake of breath, then] No wand. Bastards. [In fact, even though Neville hasn't yet noticed the presence of the book at all, he seems perfectly aware that someone is listening, even if it isn't quite who he expects.]

It's still not enough! [The words, though a bit rasped and wheezing, are spoken with the stubbornness of one who rather expected this displacement.] You think you can just Portkey me someplace and be done with it? You won't get me -- not any of us -- to back down that easily. I know you're here -- show yourselves, you bloody cowards!

[The dead silence is less than encouraging. It means that if he wasn't being watched, then he'd been sent far enough that he wouldn't need supervision. Accio wand. [The incantation is intoned softly through clenched teeth. It doesn't escape him how ironic it was that in his desperation to recover his stolen wand he's resorted to a summoning spell that usually required the use of his wand in the first place. The spell fails spectacularly, leaving Neville to suppose his captors laughed, wherever they happen to be.

Still, the place he'd been sent certainly merits some investigation. If he'd been sent here via portkey, then some other innocuous-looking thing might well be the ticket home. It might appear off for a young, underdressed, blackeyed, fairly beaten and emaciated man to be picking up small stones with a thoughtful expression, but finding an alternate portkey is simply the most plausible way back to the more important matters he'd left at home.]
01; FEAR early-onset hairloss!

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